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Introducing the "Game Over" Laptop Sleeve, a remarkable blend of technology, heritage, and toughness! 🎮🇪🇷

The design features a powerful hand holding a game controller, representing Eritrea's unwavering spirit and determination.

The contours of Eritrea's map emerge above the hand, colored in green, blue, and red, which are the vibrant hues of the Eritrean flag. The map represents unity, heritage, and strength.

The words "Game Over" are boldly inscribed across the design, indicating that Eritrea prevails against all odds, no matter the challenges faced. In the background, a serene seascape unfolds, depicting the Red Sea, which is a natural gift bestowed upon Eritrea. Its azure waters and coastal beauty evoke a sense of resilience and continuity.

This laptop sleeve is made from sustainable materials, ensuring that it is both durable and padded to safeguard your device.

By choosing the "Game Over" Laptop Sleeve, you can confidently carry your laptop, knowing that it is protected by Eritrea's strength. Moreover, it is an excellent conversation starter and statement accessory, whether you're at work, school, or traveling. Let your laptop sleeve tell a powerful story about Eritrea, a representation of Eritrea's resilience in the face of adversity. This product is available in limited edition, so don't wait; get yours now and carry Eritrea's resilience wherever you go! 🎮🇪🇷💻! 🎮🇪🇷💻

product description 

What’s more, it’s made from a material that’s resistant to water, oil, and heat, making sure your laptop sleeve looks as sharp as you any day of the week!

• 100% neoprene
• 13″ sleeve weight: 6.49 oz (220 g)
• 15″ sleeve weight: 8.8 oz (250 g)
• Lightweight and resistant to water, oil, and heat
• Snug fit
• Faux fur interior lining
• Top-loading zippered enclosure with two sliders
• Padded zipper binding

Size guide

  LENGTH (inches) WIDTH (inches) HEIGHT (inches)
15″ 14 ¾ 11 ¼
  LENGTH (cm) WIDTH (cm) HEIGHT (cm)
15″ 37.3 28.5 1.5
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